Mises India will be carrying out various events round the year in order to spread the ideas of Economics, Freedom and Peace. Thus, there are 4 Major events under consideration. Consequently, 2 of them are already designed and running, the 3rd one is scheduled and 4th event is under formulation and is going to be strictly on invitation basis only.

As a result, the following are the 4 events:

1. Economics for Everyone

Economics for Everyone workshop

2. Money and Banking

Money and Banking workshop

3. Libertarianism 101

Libertarianism 101 workshop (2019)
Libertarianism 101 workshop (2019)

Registrations ends 30th April 2019.

4. Mises Boot-Camp (On invitation)

This will event is under formulation. It is likely to cover all major topics of Austrian Economics with discussion sessions and related activities. All its details will be available in coming weeks.